South Orangetown Central School District

View our 2017-18 budget video:

We are incredibly fortunate in the South Orangetown Central School District, to be a place where our community supports the growth and development of our students. Our community understands that an investment in our young learners is an investment in our future. The upcoming school budget referendum on Tuesday, May 16 is an opportunity for the voters in our community to participate in the process of establishing a spending plan for the 2017-2018 school year. This process also reflects the choices that we must make when confronted with limited resources.

Our South Orangetown Central School District Board of Education has adopted a school budget with a 1.75% tax levy increase that stays within the legally prescribed “tax cap.” The tax levy will support a modest increase in school spending of 2.67% and reserves any unspent funds toward future tax stabilization and capital improvements, as needed.

The proposed 2017-2018 School Budget promotes our long-term vision for our community and its children… Continue reading Dr. Pritchard’s post.