South Orangetown Central School District

Thanks to strong community support, the 2017-18 school budget passed with 84% of the vote on May 16. The budget totals $88,966,619, reflects a 2.67% budget-to-budget increase and remains within the tax cap with a 1.75% tax levy increase.

Voters also approved two additional propositions pertaining to the district’s capital reserve fund. Proposition #2 extends the life of the existing capital reserve fund by five years to 2026 and authorizes future funding with budget surpluses, if any, up to $15 million. Proposition #3 authorizes the use of existing capital reserve funds up to $9.8 million for needed improvements to school facilities. These projects will be funded through existing capital reserve funds at no additional cost to taxpayers. Detailed information about the budget and these propositions can be found on our Budget webpage.

Christine Lee was elected, and Leon “Lonnie” Jacobs was re-elected, to the South Orangetown Central School District Board of Education. Both seats carry three-year terms which begin July 1, 2017 and conclude June 30, 2020.

View the “thank you” message to our community: