This year we covered all letters: S(cience), T(echnology), E(ngineering), A(rt), and M(ath)!!

Our K – 2 students explored, observed, and created: ocean animals; jellyfish and clown fish with recyclables; plants both indoors and outdoors; zip lines through Math and Engineering; robots through building and coding; and they learned the science of light and color and applied their knowledge to make artistic creations!

Our 3 – 5 students were biologists by observing plants and animals; they became artists through visual and hands-on art projects; they explored glyphs and graphs; they became engineers by creating marble runs; they learned coding and robotics with Spheros and created their own programs and games ; they became electrical engineers by using circuitry to enhance their superhero projects; and they learned all about how their heart works and how to stay healthy.

Our 6-8 students became forensic scientists and historians by solving crimes using their scientific knowledge and problem solving abilities; they engineered their own speakers and reviewed the scientific and engineering methods through several experiments.

Overall, our students saw every side of STEAM and had a wonderful experience!

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