South Orangetown Central School District

In pursuit of the best faculty and staff members, the South Orangetown Central School District had a busy spring and summer of recruiting and interviewing and is now pleased to introduce its newest faculty and staff members:

Lauren Maurer, Response to Intervention Teacher, WOS
Kaitlin McSwiggan, School Psychologist, WOS
Jacqueline Sommers, Grade 2 Teacher, WOS
Rob Schliessman, Assistant Principal, CLE
Kerry Beckmann, Technology Education Teacher, SOMS
Briana Peralta, Foreign Language Teacher, SOMS
Kaitlynn Connington, Science Teacher, TZHS
Juliann Long, Special Education Teacher, TZHS
Angela Litz, Teaching Assistant, TZHS
Jacob Mancus, English as a New Language Teacher, TZHS
Celina Poggiogalle, Italian Language Teacher, TZHS
Keith Johnson, Director of Athletics, Health & Physical Education
Crystal Payne, Senior Account Clerk Typist, Business Office
Debra Garcia-McDermott, Senior Account Clerk, Facilities Department
Michelle Stevens, Principal Clerk, Transportation

Our newest employees arrive both to fill vacant positions and also make planned enhancements to strengthen our educational program in order to meet the needs of our diverse student population. “We are adding a tremendous amount of professional capacity to our faculty and staff,” noted Director of Human Resources Jeremy Barker. “What stands out through the hiring processes is the high caliber of individuals who believe in our mission and want to make South Orangetown their professional home.”

Headshot of WOS School Psychologist Dr. McSwiggan

William O. Schaefer Elementary School Psychologist Dr. Kaitlin McSwiggan is one of SOCSD’s 15 new staffmembers.