South Orangetown Central School District

William O. Schaefer Elementary School held its Pinwheels for Peace celebration on October 4. It was an opportunity to discuss what an art installation is, how to view art respectfully and how students can use their “art powers” to express themselves.

Every WOS student contributed to the art installation, which features nearly 600 pinwheels. “We worked together like a team to create a giant symbol of peace,” Art Teacher Elizabeth Piteo explained to students who visited the installation during their physical education, art and music periods today. “Our messages about peace stand out much more powerfully when they are displayed together. When voices come together, they are much louder, too.”

In closing, Music Teacher Beth Fox led students in song: “Peace is the world smiling, peace is a gentle dove. Peace is sharing, peace is caring. Peace is filling the world with love.” More photos on Facebook.

Students and teachers with peace message t-shirts with pinwheel installation in background