South Orangetown Central School District

Last June, the South Orangetown Central School District’s Extended Leadership Team (XLT) started to unpack the details of what teachers would be teaching and students would be learning when school started in September. We begin each school year with an understanding that we have a responsibility to strive for constant improvement – that there is a valid purpose for all of our actions with an outcome that prepares our students for “an ever-changing world.” So naturally, before we develop an understanding of “what we are going to do” we have to start with a discussion that is centered on the question of “why are we going to do it?” At the South Orangetown Central School District, when we develop a lesson, unit of instruction, or a programmed course of learning for students we always start with the fundamental question as to whether what we are doing is “cute or does it count?” For an instructional practice “to count” or to be relevant it must meet some general criteria. Continue reading Dr. Pritchard’s blog post.