South Orangetown Central School District

Sixth-grader Helena K. is South Orangetown Middle School’s New York Jets Upstander of the Week! Here’s why Helena’s teachers chose to nominate her: “In her short time here at SOMS, Helena has exemplified the 3B’s (Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Prepared) and the 4C’s (critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity). She actively goes out of her way to help other students and teachers. She is caring, friendly, and always makes others feel comfortable. Helena does not sit by and watch others be bullied (a bystander), instead she is a true Upstander. The team is looking forward to watching Helena grow as a middle school student into a future leader…”

“Kids shouldn’t be treated differently than others,” Helena says. “Instead of pointing and laughing when someone makes a mistake, you should help them out.”

In addition to school-wide recognition over the public announcement system, Helena received a Jets Tackle Bullying t-shirt and three tickets and a parking pass for the November 11 Jets vs. Bills game. Congratulations, Helena!

SOMS Upstander of the Week Helena K. with administrators