South Orangetown Central School District

At the November 27 SOMS PTA meeting, Interim Principal Dr. Chad Corey and Interim Assistant Principal Joe Onativia discussed the October roll-out of Digital Citizenship Week as part of South Orangetown Middle School’s year-round programming to promote appropriate and responsible technology use.

During Digital Citizenship Week, students engaged in a series of daily activities that challenged them to consider how their digital footprint–email, text, social media–reflects their character in a way that is traceable, trackable and retrievable for years into the future. Media literacy, cyber safety and related topics are embedded in the SOMS curriculum and taught as part of Research & Debate, Challenge Lab, the sixth-grade DARE program, and assemblies, with the goal of educating media-savvy students equipped to successfully navigate our increasingly tech-oriented culture.

“It’s really about helping students make the best choices by school and families working together,” explained Dr. Corey. “We expect students to encounter speed bumps on their journey through middle school–but we can help them avoid roadblocks.”

Click here to view Dr. Corey and Mr. Onativia’s presentation.
Read more about Digital Citizenship Week on the Common Sense Education website.​

Dr. Corey and Mr. Onativia presenting slideshow at SOMS PTA meeting