South Orangetown Central School District

Rockland Community College Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Architecture instructor Khader Humied took eighth-grade technology students on a deep-dive of Autodesk AutoCAD software on Wednesday, as part of their unit on architectural design. “They’re working on isometric drawings to represent objects three-dimensionally in AutoCAD,” explained South Orangetown Middle School Technology Teacher Lou Chugranis. “They began the unit with manual drafting, then moved on to some abstract design work in AutoCAD to develop technique. The next step is to begin work on floor plans and elevations.”

CAD software helps users design and refine complex projects quickly and is widely used in engineering fields. Having CAD skills can give students an advantage as they look toward college and careers. “And we have a SUNY instructor who works with college-level students here with us today,” noted Mr. Chugranis. “That’s really cool.”

Khader Humied offers pointers to SOMS eighth-grade technology class