South Orangetown Central School District

Congratulations to sixth-grader Jonathann M., the South Orangetown Middle School Upstander for Week 17–and the final Upstander of the year! “I always try to do good things for people,” he says.

Jonathann’s teachers nominated him for being kind and going out of his way when someone needs help. Here’s what they said: “If you have ever had a conversation with him, there is no doubt in your mind that he is listening and truly cares about what you are saying. He also shows great motivation and a positive attitude when it comes to getting his work done. Jonathann is an all-around respectful and responsible student.”

In addition to school-wide recognition over the public announcement system, Jonathann received a Jets Tackle Bullying t-shirt, three tickets to the December 15 Jets vs. Texans game and a parking pass.

Week 17 Upstander with SOMS administrators