South Orangetown Central School District

Rockland County Sheriff’s Department Detective Doug Lerner conducted a drone demonstration for South Orangetown Middle School Challenge Lab students on Friday. For the past few weeks, the students have been learning to program Parrot drones to fly and land on pads they’ve built.

“It’s exciting that you’re on the cutting edge of technology here,” said Detective Lerner. “Drones are changing the way we do law enforcement by enabling us to locate missing children and senior citizens, pursue criminals into wooded and other low-visibility areas and monitor the positions of our officers during an active situation to help keep them safe. As battery life increases, drone applications expand. Drone technology is going to change so many industries.”

Following a brief presentation and discussion, students moved outside to observe the Rockland County Police Drone in action. Detective Lerner piloted the drone to fly above the middle school as students watched the live camera feed, which captured images of them on the ground–as well as shots of the river.

“I’m very grateful for Detective Lerner taking the time to demonstrate how drone technology is utilized in law enforcement,” said Enrichment and Technology Teacher Andrew McIntosh. “Students read articles about drones helping with law enforcement and having this firsthand experience takes our project to another level.”

Challenge Lab students with Detective Doug Lerner and the Rockland County police drone