South Orangetown Central School District

Families filled the Cottage Lane Elementary School gym today for the film awards-themed Fifth-Grade Publishing Party! All eyes were on the exciting stories students had written as part of their Teachers College Reading & Writing Project Personal Narrative unit.

“Students were challenged to write a story about something really powerful in their lives and what they learned from it,” explained K-5 Literacy Coach Kristy Nadler. “They had to dig down deep to reflect on their experiences and what they’ve gained from them.”

In fact, the Publishing Party was a series of celebrations over the course of the day. During each session, groups of teachers, students and their families gathered in reading circles. Guests had an opportunity to read excerpts of student work and provide positive feedback about how a story “hooked” them and other highlights.

Creating a festive atmosphere is an important part of supporting young writers. “It gets kids feeling excited and proud about sharing their work,” notes Assistant Principal Rob Schliessman. “It also connects with building school spirit. There’s been a little competition among teachers for the grade-level celebrations. Third Grade did campfires, Fifth Grade has ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ We’re looking forward to seeing what the fourth-grade team comes up with.”

Congratulations to all our fifth-grade writers! (More photos on Facebook.)

Parents and students at CLE 5th grade publishing party