South Orangetown Central School District

Authors David and Nic Sheff shared their story at Tappan Zee High School today and discussed their brand-new book, High: Everything You Want to Know about Drugs, Alcohol, and Addiction, which Health classes will read this spring. In his previous book, Beautiful Boy (released as a film last fall), David Sheff wrote about watching his son Nic turn from a happy and successful teenager into a boy who struggled with drug addiction.

“We hope that the Sheffs’ journey will help our students think about how to handle peer pressure, remain focused on the big picture, and open doors for conversations with their families,” said Principal Dr. Jennifer Amos. “It’s important that schools and parents work together to help students make positive choices.”

Looking for substance use or addiction resources? Please check out the Substance Use page posted on For Students page of the Tappan Zee High School website under Counseling > Mental Health.

Authors David and Nic Sheff seated onstage at TZHS