South Orangetown Central School District

William O. Schaefer and Cottage Lane Elementary Schools are partnering with SOCES PTA to promote literacy at home through the Pick a Reading Partner (PARP) program. “The goal is for every child to really enjoy reading with someone at home every day. The book the committee chose is engaging for children and adults and we hope that our families have so much fun reading this book,” said CLE Principal Karen Ramirez.

To make this more exciting and engaging, SOCES PTA has provided every family and staff member in grades K-5 a copy of The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo, to read at home from January 25 through February 15. “The PTA wanted to find a way to better support literacy and create excitement around reading at home,” explained SOCES PTA Vice President (CLE) Liz Dudley. “PARP was was a program that gave us the tools and framework to work with the school. Cindy Caraballo led our committee and carefully crafted this adventure we are all about to take!”

Elementary school students were introduced to the book and the program during special assemblies in both buildings today, which featured performances by WOS, CLE and South Orangetown Middle School students (view the video on Facebook). The youngest SOCES student in each family was presented with their family’s copy of the book.

“Over the next few weeks, everyone at our schools will be talking about The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane! Students, parents, teachers, and even administrative staff will be participating in this One Book, One School special event,” said WOS Principal Sheila Beglin. “In both buildings, students will be invited to answer daily trivia questions and take part in classroom activities to discuss and explore the book.”

SOCES parents, to make sure that your child is prepared to join in the fun, please follow the reading schedule posted on the Pick A Reading Partner page (linked at the top of the WOS and CLE homepages). Teachers and PTA members have even created audio clips for students to access on days when they don’t have a reading partner so that they don’t miss out!

Special thanks to:

  • William O. Schaefer Elementary School teachers Alison Costello and Danelle Greene and parent Kate Valentine for their work in developing the student production
  • Student performers: Maddie C. (Gr. 2), Lucy R. (Gr. 3), Maggie R. (Gr. 3), Sam M. (Gr. 3), Catie G. (Gr. 7), Marisa B. (Gr. 7), Molly C. (Gr. 7), Aine M. (Gr. 8), Kate H. (Gr. 8)
  • Community member Lori Hickey for crocheting and donating the Edward Tulane bunny for the student production
  • SOCES PTA member Cindy Caraballo for coordinating the Pick a Reading Partner initiative

Student performers and teachers onstage at WOS