South Orangetown Central School District

Today was the 35th Annual Rockland Read-In! Here are a few highlights from across the district:

  • Dr. Pritchard read to Carol Kuhn’s first-graders and Celine Zatarga’s second-graders at WOS. Earlier in the week, Mrs. Kuhn’s students designed and built chairs for the stuffed animals they brought in today, as a special Rockland Read-In math problem-based learning project!
  • At SOMS, students read in Italian (Roberta Avantifiori’s class) and in a variety of formats (Carol Fagan’s class). Morgan Harris’ seventh period class built forts with classroom materials to read in. “It told them that this was their chance to read anything their heart desires,” Ms. Harris said. “They also get to see what I read in my ‘real’ life. That connection is important.”
  • TZHS Library Media Specialist Lois Parker-Hennion has been encouraging teachers for years to allow students to read for the first 15 minutes of each period. “It’s become a cultural thing here,” she said. “Kids are used to it from elementary school and really enjoy it.”

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Superintendent smiling with book, reading to children