South Orangetown Central School District

Elementary school families had a blast “playing math” together at Cottage Lane Elementary School last night! “This is our fourth annual Family Math Night!” exclaimed K-5 Instructional Math Coach Shannon Bogart. Six teachers each from CLE and William O. Schaefer Elementary School hosted events and members of Mu Alpha Theta, Tappan Zee High School’s math honor society, lent a hand.

Math Night was the first “Family Night” created by elementary schools to encourage active parent engagement in student learning. “It’s an evening for families to explore math with their children. We look at each of the content domains–such as, fractions, measurement, geometry, operations and number sense–and organize games and activities for each that the children can choose from. There are lots of ways to have fun with math,” Ms. Bogart said.

Matthew, a third-grader, gave Family Math Night high marks and particularly enjoyed the geometry station. “With the toothpick and marshmallow building, you can make a really cool sculpture,” he noted.

Since the original Math Night, K-5 Family Nights have expanded to five events over the course of the school year to also cover science, literacy, educational technology and mindfulness. There are two family-oriented, curriculum-aligned evening events to come: the Family Engagement Center’s Family Night Under the Stars this coming Monday at 6pm and the K-5 Family Summer Literacy Extravaganza on May 20. More photos on Facebook!

Dad with girls building geometric shapes