South Orangetown Central School District

Looking for an affordable road trip in the Northeast? Just ask a second-grader!

Since flights during school breaks are so costly, William O. Schaefer Elementary School second-graders have been researching affordable options in the Northeast as part of their Vacation Nation enrichment project. Students are generating reasons to persuade their families to take the trip, identifying key facts about their destination state, planning three activities, finding a hotel and driving directions, and creating a budget. Optional activities, such as making a local map, researching the state’s history or building a family packing list based on local weather, offer students a chance to challenge themselves to take their learning to the next level.

“All students benefit when they are engaged in solving problems they can relate to, like where to go during spring break on a budget,” explains K-5 Enrichment Teacher Robin Courtwright, who recently worked with teacher Kathryn Cuccia’s class (pictured). “Units like this give students opportunities to apply their skills in reading, writing, research, social studies and math in a practical hands-on way.”

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Two girls with teacher and laptop