South Orangetown Central School District

Yesterday, SOCSD kicked off its #SOCSDMentorMonday Facebook campaign to highlight community members who directly mentor students on a sustained, voluntary basis through our schools. Through their dedicated volunteerism, mentors offer students meaningful opportunities to explore interests and career pathways–and to develop real world job skills.

This week’s #SOCSDMentorMonday post featured mentor Jennara Cobb and Tappan Zee High School senior Taylor. G. Jennara has been volunteering with Hi Tor Animal Care Center since 2013 and became involved with its Youth Ambassador program three years ago. This spring, she has served as a Senior Seminar mentor for Tappan Zee High School senior Taylor G. “We don’t have a lot of young people who come to volunteer here, but it’s a great opportunity for those interested in animal health or veterinary science,” she said. “Taylor has been great!”

“Dogs are my favorite thing in the world,” says Taylor, who plans to study psychology in college and is interested in animal companionship for people with mental health issues. (Hi Tor has an emotional support and service dog program.) “Shelters can be sad places, so I try to make it a happier place for the dogs. It’s so rewarding to watch them get adopted and go to a home.”

The #SOCSDMentorMonday campaign will extend throughout the spring. Interested in mentoring students in your field of expertise? Contact Family Engagement Center Coordinator AJ Walker at [email protected].

Female mentor and student, posed, outdoors