South Orangetown Central School District

Thank you to New York State Senator David Carlucci for stopping by to help our seventh-grade technology students plant a new Gala apple tree that he donated for the South Orangetown Middle School courtyard this morning!

Principal Dr. Chad Corey welcomed Senator Carlucci, Superintendent Dr. Pritchard, Board of Education member Christine Lee and district administrators to a brief ceremony, during which students and Technology Teacher Lou Chugranis discussed agriculture technology projects they’ve been working on. Technology Teacher Kerry Beckmann described how students have been using the CNC laser engraver, purchased with bullet aid secured by Senator Carlucci last year, to learn about fabrication and manufacturing. A stone marker for the donated tree was made with the machine.

Senator Carlucci spoke about proposed legislation to boost New York State’s maple syrup production and efforts to add a Green Amendment to the New York State Constitution to help protect the environment. “It’s great to hear that you are taking action here at SOMS to support the environment,” he said.

“This was a great opportunity for our students to meet Senator Carlucci and see the impact that their work here has on our school and our community. He helped to connect what they’re learning about agricultural technology with legislation that is seeking to protect the environment and boost agricultural production,” noted Dr. Corey. “And it’s a credit to Mr. Chugranis for creating experiences like this to link the classroom to government, industry and the world beyond our walls.”

NYS Senator with students and apple tree