South Orangetown Central School District

Tappan Zee High School artists Hannah Jung and Mia Aponte have won awards for their 2019 AAA Traffic Safety Poster & Video Contest entries. Hannah earned second place for her poster, “Are Messages More Valuable Than Your Life?”; Mia placed third with her poster, “Don’t Drink and Drive / Choose the Right Path.” The winners, both freshmen, will be recognized and presented with cash prizes at a June luncheon.

Each year, Art Team Leader Yu Bong Ko challenges his Drawing & Painting students to create entries for the contest and TZHS artists have earned honors for several years. Mia says that the assignment was personally meaningful because of a relative’s struggle with alcohol addiction. “So I took this project more seriously,” she says. “There were a lot of concepts that focused on death, but I wanted to make my message more positive to inspire people to not want to drink and drive.”

Hannah was motivated by the impact of risks young drivers take without thinking. “I see a lot of young people dying because of something preventable. I wanted to put this out because we have so much to live for.”

Congratulations, Hannah and Mia!

Two student artists with artwork in background

"Are Text Messages More Valuable Than Your Life?" "Don't Drink and Drive: Choose the Right Path"