South Orangetown Central School District

For the past two days, South Orangetown Middle School technology and eighth-grade math classes have hosted guest lecturers from Jim Keelty’s Tappan Zee High School AP Physics classes for a lesson on waves and electromagnetism. “We spend a lot of time talking about equations throughout the year and many of our students are involved with music, so this helps them make a real world connection,” said SOMS Math Teacher Andrea Fortuno.

TZHS senior Cassandra Bartels and her group presented to Ms. Fortuno’s class on “The Physics of an Electric Ukelele.” “Through this project, we’re learning how to understand what we’re doing in a new way,” she explained. “It’s really making us internalize these concepts so that we can explain it to others.”

The SOMS presentations are the culmination of a unit project for which AP Physics students were challenged to apply what they’d learned about waves and electromagnetism to design and build electric instruments. Read more about the project here.

High school teachers teaching lesson to eighth-grade math class