South Orangetown Central School District

On Thursday, June 6, the South Orangetown Central School District and the South Orangetown PTAs hosted their second annual Districtwide Celebration to honor retirees, staff milestones, PTA volunteers and, new this year, district volunteers and mentors. Superintendent Dr. Robert Pritchard noted that the event served to recognize collaboration, partnership and legacy.

Outgoing Board of Education President Rosemary Pitruzzella was received special recognition for her 28 years of dedicated volunteer service to the district. Read more here.

Thank you and congratulations to all!

Donna Barrese, CLE; Mark Bergling, TZHS; Lori Berube, WOS; Peter Burgos, TZHS; Kottie Christie-Blick, CLE; Edward Clinton, TZHS; Denise DuBois, TZHS; Laura Ferrante, TZHS; Susan Fluger, CLE; Dr. Beth Jaret, TZHS; Yu Bong Ko, TZHS; Barbara LaBrake, TZHS, Rose Ngai, Curriculum; Lois Parker-Hennion, TZHS; Eleanor Pellicci, WOS; Elizabeth Reilly, SOMS; Joseph Roldan, Facilities; Mary Root, TZHS; Abby Rudin, CLE; Andrea Schaefer, WOS; Craig Sudman, Facilities; Theresa Sullivan, TZHS; Janice Tocco, SOMS; and, Richard Weissberg, TZHS.

Thirty-Five Years: Janice Tocco, SOMS
Thirty Years: Frank Ascatigno, Facilities; Dr. Beth Jaret, TZHS; and, Josie Spano, CLE.
Twenty-Five Years: Edward Clinton, TZHS; Jeanne Corcoran, TZHS; Kathleen DeStefano, WOS; Laura DiMaio, Curriculum; Kathleen Lacker, SOMS; Joanne McCue, WOS; Michael O’Leary, Facilities; Michael Ryan, SOMS; and, Amy Sheehy, WOS.
Twenty Years: Elizabeth Barsanti, WOS; Deborah Beebe, SOMS; Doreen Braunagel, TZHS; Christine Bolte, WOS; LuAnn Carbonetto, TZHS; Bernadette Carroll, TZHS; Kerry Ann Cassetti, WOS; Kathleen Conway, WOS; Pamela Cooper, CLE; Thomas Cromer, TZHS; Thomas Dehler, CLE; Colleen Henry, SOMS; Kimberly Guzas, CLE; Lusa Kahn, CLE; Jean Kane, CLE; Linda King, CLE; Deena Kramarczyk, SOMS; Suzanne Luke, WOS; Karen McNee, Pupil Personnel Services; Patricia Merck, SOMS; T. Scott Muscat, TZHS; Randi Pearlstein-Lederer, SOMS; John Peterson, Facilities; Vincent Piscitelli, SOMS; Lisa ROgo, SOMS, Michelle Rossi, WOS; Andrea Schaefer, WOS; Ronald Scherer, SOMS; Mary Scully, CLE; Kelly Stuhlweissenburg, SOMS; Maria Vega-Cabrera, CLE; and, Charles Yassky, SOMS/CLE.

SOCES PTA Founders Day Award: Tina Albin
SOCES PTA Outstanding Educator Award: Patricia Eyer
SOMS PTA Founders Day Award: Sarah Kukla
SOMS PTA Volunteer of the Year Award: Lisa Connolly
TZHS PTSA Founders Day Award: Heidi Hill

WOS Garden: Tracy DeFeciani
CLE Garden: Sabina Tyler
TZ Red & White: Sherese Loblanco and Lisa Malpeli
SO BOTZ: Pete Althoff, Jen Citrolo, Ron Davis, Maureen Dominguez, Kristy Engels, Jarrod Esposito, David Gottlieb, Joey Gottlieb, Joe Gambardella, Dana Grippi, Brenna Henry, Dan Hludzinski, Michele Kessler, Vanessa Lapins, Ed LoPresti and Tim Morales.
Finance & Audit Committee: Thomas Donohue, Constance Francabandera, Camille Fremont, Joseph Guarracino, Mary Hartnett, Leon Jacobs, Emiko Kamoda, Dan Lamadrid and Alta Prinsloo.

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Staff, administrators standing with superintendent at podium