South Orangetown Central School District

Cottage Lane Elementary School relocated to Tallman Mountain State Park today for hands-on, outdoor education. “This is our 9th Annual Cottage Lane Earth Day, and we have more scientists than ever leading stations,” said Principal Karen Ramirez. “We’re so grateful to Jacob Tanenbaum, who puts in a tremendous amount of work to coordinate this event each year. It’s the one day that all of our students have a chance to connect with community members and organizers.”

From “Eels in the River” to geocaching, turtle identification and research robots, students had a chance to learn from representatives and researchers from Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rockland, the Rockland County Department of Environmental Conservation, Riverkeeper, Suez, Turtles of Western Highway, Keep Rockland Beautiful and New York University.

“Its so wonderful to see children outside learning about the world around them from world-class experts. I can’t think of a better way to spend the day,” Mr. Tanenbaum reflected.

Special thanks to Tallman Mountain State Park Manager and SOCSD parent Clark Alexandre, for welcoming our students and staff every year for this very special event!

Teacher holding up plastic container with turtle inside for group of students in blue shirts