South Orangetown Central School District

South Orangetown Middle School faculty members took the stage this morning for The Masked Teacher, National Junior Honor Society’s final fundraiser of the year to benefit Hi Tor Animal Care Center in memory of Paul Doctor. SOMS PTA and the Yearbook Club purchased t-shirts for the entire student body for the school-wide spirit event.

For two periods, the SOMS gym was filled with music, singing and excitement as # teacher volunteers, who’d practiced choreography and lip-synching on their own time, took the stage in full costume.

SOMS exceeded its $500 fundraising goal and all five acts were unmasked! NJHS advisors Kristine Condon and Jill Rutherford extend special thanks to performing teachers James Amandola, Kerry Beckmann, Tatiana DiPierno, Debra DiTuri, Carol Fagan, Chip Foley, Morgan Harris, Andrew McIntosh, Cathy McVeigh-Sinner, Allison Meyers, Joe Napoli, Chris Rastelli, Steve Rogo and Stephanie Stehly.

Teachers in cartoon-like costumes in gym with crowd of students