South Orangetown Central School District

The South Orangetown Central School District is proud to announce that William O. Schaefer and Cottage Lane Elementary Schools were selected to participate in the Green Schools of Rockland Program for the 2019-20 academic year. This free program is a collaboration between the Rockland County Solid Waste Management Authority (RCSWMA) and HospitalityGreen, which aims to help school communities develop and expand their existing recycling initiatives.

The program was kicked off this morning at the SOCES PTA Coffee Chat, with a presentation by HospitalityGreen founder Evadne Giannini on the benefits of implementing a Zero Waste Lunch school recycling program and how parents can reinforce the importance of recycling at home.

“We are excited to continue the meaningful work happening at WOS,” said Principal Sheila Beglin. Last year, WOS created a “Recycling Station” in its cafeteria to encourage students to reduce, reuse and recycle. This collaboration among students, teachers and custodians was a success: lunchroom trash was reduced by 12 garbage bags per day.

Assistant Principal Maggie White added, “Our green contributions are part of a larger goal to promote community-building. We are teaching our young people how to be global thinkers and citizens who care about the world and all who inhabit it.”

CLE has also engaged students in reducing waste and promoting responsible environmental stewardship for years. “We are thrilled to continue our partnerships with community, school and parents through this important initiative,” said Principal Karen Ramirez.

“Adding this program at CLE will extend the work students began at WOS,” noted Assistant Principal Rob Schliessman. “We have 28 Trash Troopers who are responsible for helping to create a student-led learning initiative.”

Student leadership will be a cornerstone of the Zero Waste Lunch program, which will roll out at both schools this winter.

K-5 school administrators with representatives from RCSWMA and HospitalityGreen