South Orangetown Central School District

For National School Psychology Awareness Week, the District ran a Facebook campaign highlighting the Student Support teams in each of our schools who work collaboratively to help our students in terms of both academics and social-emotional wellbeing. The aim? To familiarize families with the names and faces of Student Support team members in their children’s schools and to encourage them to reach out to our school counselors to learn more about services or to access support.

Tappan Zee High School's Student Support team, posed
Top, from left: School Prevention Counselor Ponnu Varghese-John, School Counselors Glenda Rivera and Jaime Holzer, and School Social Worker Jessenia Cursio.
Bottom, from left: School Counselors Kelly Keane, Kathryn Marks and Randy Altman and School Psychologists Katelin Burns and Bradley Hercman.

South Orangetown Middle School's Student Support team, seated at table

From left: School Counselor Philip Farrugia, School Psychologist Stephen Sawitsky, School Prevention Counselor Bobbie-Angela Wong, School Social Worker Jessenia Cursio, School Psychologist Courtney Malka, School Counselor Siobhan Maiorano and School Counselor Patricia Iannucci.

Cottage Lane Elementary School's Student Support team, standing

From left: Elementary School Counselor Stephanie Mueller, School Social Worker Jessica Inglis, School Psychologist Linda King and School Psychologist Sean Jones!

William O. Schaefer Elementary School's Student Support team, standing

From left: Elementary School Counselor Stephanie Mueller, School Psychologist Brian Galvin, School Psychologist Kaitlin McSwiggan and School Social Worker Jessica Inglis.