South Orangetown Central School District

Since September, South Orangetown Middle School Special Education Teacher Mary Ann Wood has presented a $50 award to each of the 16 SOMS Upstanders of the Week for promoting a kind, compassionate and inclusive school culture through their personal leadership on behalf of the Jimmy Hauburger Memorial Foundation. The 2019 Upstanders are: Amelia L., Ava T., Brian F., Charles M., Conor W., Emma C., Francesca R., Gisella N., Jessnoor K., John M., Juliana L., Kate M., Kierra K., Liam D., Ronan H. and Timothee M.

The Jimmy Hauburger Memorial Foundation supports programs that raise awareness of teen issues such as bullying, emotional distress and suicide. Foundation recognition had been part of the school’s annual You Make A Difference Awards for the past two years; this year, however, Upstanders received their awards upon their selection so that they could use the funds at the Jets game for which they’d received tickets. “It’s about honoring students who look out for other kids,” Wood explained.

Thank you to the Jimmy Hauburger Memorial Foundation and to the 2019 Upstanders for creating a culture of kindness at SOMS!

SOMS' 2019 JHMF award winners with teacher Mary Ann Wood