South Orangetown Central School District

Earlier this week, Tappan Zee High School Psychologists Katelin Burns and Brad Hercman held wellness workshops during the school day to teach students strategies for reducing test anxiety in preparation for midterm exams.

The workshop provided strategies and tactics to prevent and overcome stress before, during and after the test. Before exams, students should create a study schedule, eat well and get enough sleep before exams. On exam day, students should face tests with a positive attitude and focus on themselves. During and between exams, helpful relaxation strategies include breathing deeply, using a stress ball and taking breaks as needed or allowed. Time management is key: students should remember to balance the amount of time between test-taking and answer review. Once the exam is over, students should reflect on what worked for them and rely on those effective strategies for the future.

A list of tips are available for students to pick up in the Wellness Center. Students who feel stressed are encouraged to share their concerns with their family, teachers and/or their school counselor. Together, they can help students come up with a plan to help manage stress and tackle tests with more confidence.