South Orangetown Central School District

NBC New York Lead Sports Anchor Bruce Beck visited Tappan Zee High School’s Journalism and TV Production and Broadcasting classes yesterday. According to Beck, “The two most important aspects in broadcast journalism are how well you write and how well you present.” He also encouraged students to use their own voice, keep an open mind and push the boundaries of creativity.

Said Beck, “The key to writing well is the rewrite. You aren’t going to get it right on the first draft or the second. Do it over and over until you get it correct. Also, having the ability to describe the same action in multiple ways is key.” He added, “Listen and be prepared to follow up when you get an unexpected answer.”

“I appreciated how Bruce emphasized the importance of revising because writing is a challenge for most students,” said TZHS English teacher Chris Novak.

“It was such a great experience to meet Bruce and to understand how he plans out his scripts. His demonstration with our students was constructive,” said Art teacher Leigh LeBrake who teaches TV Production and Broadcasting. “It is always valuable for our students to learn from professionals.”

Sports Anchor Bruce Beck standing with TZHS students in classroom