South Orangetown Central School District

To support and strengthen the connection with students, South Orangetown Middle School has introduced a social-emotional/character education tip of the day feature in its Google Classroom. Principal Chad Corey and Assistant Principal Joe Onativia are compiling strategies and resources submitted by teachers, counselors and staff to help students manage their stress, develop an at-home learning routine and maintain a positive outlook. When SOMS students check in to submit their attendance each morning, they will find a new tip. The goal is to create a virtual community that offers the same academic and emotional support that students receive at school.

“It’s part of our whole-child approach. We’ve been doing social-emotional learning work with our staff and students all year,” said Onativia. “We know that our students are going through a lot right now. They deserve to have their feelings validated and may need reminders about coping and managing their emotions in a healthy and productive way.”

Beyond the daily Google Classroom tips, any students who are struggling or feeling stressed are urged to contact their school counselor for support.