South Orangetown Central School District

Over the past few weeks, William O. Schaefer Elementary School Student Leaders launched a poster campaign to thank local healthcare workers for their heroic efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The WOS Student Leader program is composed of two student representatives from each first and second grade class who serve as leaders both in their classrooms and school-wide. Student Leaders work with administrators and teachers throughout the school year to promote a safe, happy and empowered learning environment. Although schools are closed, WOS Student Leaders remain dedicated to making a difference.

“Our Student Leaders have contributed to various community initiatives such as Socktober to collect socks for the homeless and Blizzard Boxes to create food care packages for the elderly,” said WOS Student Leader Advisor Robin Courtwright. “Making signs to show our gratitude for local hospital workers during this time is a natural extension of all of the ways they have shown leadership during the school year in our school community and beyond. Next week, they’ll share what they’ve made with their teachers and classmates to inspire others to participate.”

All WOS students may participate; their posters will be shared with Montefiore Nyack and Englewood Hospital. Want to participate? Check out Courtwright’s blog for information.

“We know that there are many healthcare workers in our community and wish to express our deep thanks for their life-saving work,” Courtwright added.

More photos on the District Facebook page!

Student smiling with "thank you" sign