South Orangetown Central School District

The Tappan Zee High School National Honor Society inducted 51 new members and recognized its 48 seniors in a December 18 video ceremony. Inductees selected by the chapter’s faculty council met high standards of scholarship, service, leadership and character. Six seniors–Adith V., Hannah L., Gabriella P., Hayden R., Dylan M. and Casey K.–earned special recognition for their exemplary contributions. “National Honor Society members are chosen for their exemplary contributions to the school and community. We are very proud to recognize these outstanding members of our student body,” said Nicole Farish, who serves as co-advisor with fellow science teacher Nicole Lai.

In her speech, NHS President and senior Neve H. addressed the power of scholarship. “Scholarship is more than a grade point average you see in the PowerSchool Portal. Rather, it is the time and effort you are willing to put into every test, homework assignment and project. To be considered a scholar, one must express a genuine desire to learn and grow, not for their GPA, but for their own benefit because they want to seize every opportunity to learn and understand the world around them…A true scholar is not simply satisfied with the right answer, they search for the truth behind it. And what a scholar does with this knowledge is even more important,” she noted. “I implore all of you here tonight to continue to use your academic talents to make the world a better place. Use what you have learned to serve your community and your peers. Always look for opportunities to challenge yourself and your others academically because knowledge is the most powerful tool that we can possess.”

Principal Rudy Arietta encouraged NHS members to remember those who had contributed to their success. “It is important that we remember that we did not achieve these goals alone,” he said.

In this spirit, the chapter recognized two high school teachers for fostering a love of learning. World language teacher Claudia Arietta was honored for her great enthusiasm and efforts to form personal connections with her students and English teacher Sarah McMane was recognized for challenging students to learn skills beyond the curriculum and reach their full potential.

The National Honor Society is one of the oldest and most prestigious national organizations for high school students. Congratulations, inductees and honorees!