South Orangetown Central School District

Tappan Zee High School students were able to dine in their newly-renovated cafeteria today!

“Not only does the cafeteria look amazing but it is more functional now,” reports TZHS Principal Rudy Arietta. “Our students will be able to choose from a variety of seating options to eat, study or just hang out with their friends during a free period–and they’re excited about using it. In a year where we have had to deal with a lot of restrictions, the new cafeteria has brought a lot of smiles to our students’ faces. I am so happy that they like it.”

The project included new flooring, ceilings, lighting, painting and furniture. Seating options now range from single, countertop workspaces to tables to booths.

“This renovation was the result of collaborative planning and input received from our students, staff and administrators administration, and staff,” said Executive Director of Finance and Management Services Alicia Koster, who acknowledged the efforts of the District’s facilities and financial management teams. “The goal was to create a beautiful, commons-like space for the high school community and I cannot wait to see our students and staff enjoying it!”

The TZHS Cafeteria renovation is one of many substantial upgrades made over the past three years to the District’s buildings and grounds with voter-approved use of capital reserve funds and annual budget allocations. Other projects have included ADA-accessible bathroom renovations district-wide; the William O. Schaefer Elementary School library, main entrance, counseling suite; the Cottage Lane Elementary School library, nurse’s office, cafeteria ventilation and playground; the South Orangetown Middle School library, auditorium, technology and art classrooms and playground; and, the TZHS main gym, multipurpose field, track, tennis courts and bleachers.

Class murals painted on the cafeteria walls were photographed prior to construction last summer and will be memorialized through a project highlighting student murals throughout the school.

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Tappan Zee High School cafeteria commons