South Orangetown Central School District

Cottage Lane Elementary School fifth-graders Hailey Yi, Mason McGwyne-Dantis and Joey Moore were among the nine county-wide winners in the Rockland County Environmental Council’s Eleanor Burlingham Earth Day Creative Arts Contest! A total of 100 entries were submitted by Rockland students for this year’s competition. All three students are in Anne O’Brien’s class at CLE.

Yi and Moore earned Awards of Excellence for their posters. “I focused on how we can work together to help our planet,” Yi explained.

Moore was inspired by what he had learned in science class. “We did another project about our carbon footprints. I realized that I hurt the Earth a little bit and want to do more to protect it.”

“I focused on major threats to our planet,” noted McGwnye-Dantis, whose essay was also recognized with an Award of Excellence. “Some of the things we can do to help is to stop cutting down trees, limit eating meating, walk most places and choose lunches with less packaging.”

Congratulations, Hailey, Mason and Joey!

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