South Orangetown Central School District

Nineteen students were inducted into the Tappan Zee High School chapter of Mu Alpha Theta, the distinguished national mathematics honor society, on June 3. The addition of new members increased the chapter’s total membership to 45 students across grades 9-12.

Chapter president Dylan McMorrow kicked off the induction by thanking the members ability to adapt amidst the pandemic. “We applaud each and every member’s dedication, commitment and perseverance in maintaining membership this year,” he said. “Mu Alpha Theta provides endless benefits and opportunities to its members and serves as an important part of a student’s academic resume. Math is all around us and this society aims to continue keen interest in the field of mathematics.”

Following these opening remarks, students were led through the official induction by Mu Alpha Theta advisors Seth Resnikoff and David Marino. To be eligible for induction, students must have at least a two-year average of 95 or a three-year average of 90 or greater in their math coursework, perform 14 hours of tutoring/community service and complete an independent math project.

At the close of the ceremony, the incoming slate of officers was announced: President Brianna Santilli, Vice President Farrah Levesque, Secretaries Kara Dixon and Tori Pernick and Treasurer Matt Tobin.

Mu Alpha Theta aims to enrich students’ knowledge and enjoyment of mathematics. The organization promotes math appreciation within the school community through its mathematics competitions and challenges. There are currently more than 2,633 schools with local Mu Alpha Theta chapters boasting a combined total of 124,000 student members.

Congratulations to all of the TZHS Mu Alpha Theta inductees and new officers!

TZHS Mu Alpha Theta welcomes its newest inductees:
Liyana Astafa
Eden Blanker
Christine Chang
Sonia Cho De Natris
Vivian Cho
Matilyn Dixon
Lily Feinmesser
Grace Killeen
Farrah Levesque
Alexandra Looram
Emma Lussen
Hannah Mathew
Kayla Ng
Caterina O’Keefe
Victoria Pernick
Tessa Raines
Livia Regina
Riley Roimisher
Matthew Tobin

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