South Orangetown Central School District

More than 70 community and staff volunteers who have contributed countless hours over the past year to support South Orangetown schools were recognized by administrators and the Board of Education at tonight’s Board meeting.

“This event is a wonderful opportunity for us to express our appreciation to our volunteers’ whose efforts have elevated, engaged and inspired our community through their contributions and in supporting our District’s tradition of active community partnerships,” noted Director of Staff Relations Joseph Lloyd, Ph.D., whose office organized the event.

In his remarks, Superintendent Robert Pritchard, Ed.D., said, “We’re very grateful to these volunteers who have given so generously of their time. We wouldn’t have made it through this year without you.”

Thank you to the following individuals for their service:

SOCES 2021 volunteers
William O. Schaefer Elementary and Cottage Lane Elementary Schools: Andrea Kheocha-on, Brenda Boysa, Kelly Cozza, Kelly Ruby, Corinne Sletner, Linda Welsh, Rana Park, Lisa Connolly, Jane Smith, Gloria Wang, Cassandra Carney, Tina Albin, Taesoon Kwon, Tracy DeFeciani and Sabina Tyler

SOMS 2021 volunteers
South Orangetown Middle School: Liz Dudley, Pauline Zervoudis, Roxana Lupu, Tina Albin, April Rizzardi, Katherine Ma, Simone Heffernan and Isabel Ryan

TZHS 2021 volunteers
Tappan Zee High School:
Jeanne Irizarry, Diane Sheridan, Allyson Sullivan, Lisa Connolly, Tina O’Keefe, Dana Grippi, Matthew Tobin, Nicole Glazer, Isa Lynch, Joey Gottlieb, Vanessa Lapins, Jarrod Esposito, Jen Citrolo and Dylan Wong
Athletics: Kathy Cosimano, Bill Tobin, Brett Wright, Dave Pollack, Dan McGann, Wayne Roimisher and South Orangetown Ambulance Corps

FEC 2021 Volunteers

Family Engagement Center (FEC) Food Pantry Team: Evan Karzhevsky, AJ Walker, Jack Rallo, Lillian Croyle, Pat Kelly, Jackie Garrecht, Bobbie-Angela Wong, Lisa Jacobs, Heidi Hill, Joseph Lloyd, Kleo Girandola, Isabella Lamadrid, Anne O’Brien and Karen Tesik

FEC Food Pantry Partners and Supporters: Karen McNee, Jacobs Family, Olivia Steger, Lamadrid Family, Peter Byrne, the Orangeburg Fire Department, Robert Chiapperino, Blauvelt Sons of Italy, Sunita Hill and Family, Helen and David Kosberg, Chris and Dan Fuller, Carol Knudson, Cathay DeFleumere and Carol Baxter

FEC Mentor Volunteer: Carol Pileggi

Board of Education
Board of Education: Thomas Henry