South Orangetown Central School District

South Orangetown Middle School commemorated eighth-grade students’ completion of their middle school years during its Moving Up Ceremony at Palisades Federal Credit Union Park this morning.

Student Council President Mary McCormack delivered opening remarks in which she praised her classmates for learning to embrace adversity during a challenging year.

Principal Chad Corey, Ed.D. echoed this sentiment in his speech, noting, “It is clear that you have persevered and grown stronger through this time and are prepared to conquer whatever challenges you may face in the future.”

Special awards were presented to the following eighth-graders:

  • English Award in memory of Patricia O’Rourke: Ellary B., Ali K., Anna C. and Nuala M.
  • Social Studies Award in memory of Jack Lick: William W., Liam D. and Kate M.
  • Regents Earth Science Honors Award in memory of Michael McGrath: Olivia R. and Casidy N.
  • General Science Award: Shizuka O., George T. and Helena F.
  • Motivation and Enthusiasm in Science Award: Nuala M.
  • Regents Mathematics Honors Award in memory of Charles Clark: Isabella P. and Jill H.
  • General Mathematics Award: Cate S., Daniel L. and Nina G.
  • Exceptional Achievement in Mathematics Award: David K.
  • Art Award in memory of Linda Saiz: Emma P. and Angelique C.
  • Music Honors Award in Concert Band: Nate P. and Isabella P.
  • Music Honors in Concert Orchestra: Emma P. and Myla V.
  • Music Honors in Concert Choir: Angelique C. and Isabella M.
  • Most Outstanding Eighth Grade Musician: Madeline S.
  • French Language Honors Award: Emma C. and Nuala M.
  • Spanish Language Honors Award: Anabel L. and William W.
  • Italian Language Honors: Aly C. and Leah J.
  • English Language Learner Award in honor of Carol Janda: Jonathann M. and Karen A.
  • Advanced Technology Honors Award: Victor B. and Valencia M.
  • Technology Award: Jill H.
  • Academic Determination Award in honor of Peter Jelalian: Teresa J., Kate M. and Liam D.
  • Student Council Service Award: James B.
  • Leadership in Advocacy Award: Cassidy D., Emma C., Elizabeth M., Devyn P. and Jacob M.
  • Office of the New York State State Comptroller Achievement Award: James B., David K. and Jacob M.
  • The Triple C Award: Aidan C., Michelle M. and Julia S.
  • Mondaire Jones Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition: Michael E.

SOMS 2021 Eighth-Grade Moving Up