South Orangetown Central School District

Sent via SchoolMessenger on June 28, 2021

Dear South Orangetown Families and Staff,

According to Title 10, Subpart 67-4 of the New York Code of Rules and Regulations, public schools are required to test all water outlets that could potentially be used for cooking or drinking (potable outlets) for the presence of lead at a minimum every five years.

Where a potable outlet is determined to have lead levels above (>) 15 parts per billion (ppb), the New York State action level, the District is required to (1) discontinue use of the outlet; (2) implement a lead remediation plan to mitigate the lead level; and (3) provide building occupants with an adequate alternate supply of water for cooking and drinking.

In accordance with these regulations, the South Orangetown Central School District has conducted water testing in its four schools, as well as the Palisades School and Tappan Zee Education Center, over the past five weeks. Per regulatory requirements, all staff, parents, and guardians are required to receive notification of any and all exceedances within 10 business days of receipt of laboratory reports.

Testing results for the following outlets exceed 15 ppb:

William O. Schaefer Elementary School

Cottage Lane Elementary School
Classroom 308 Sink Faucet

South Orangetown Middle School
Hallway Across from Room 235 Bubbler Water Fountain
1ST Floor Classroom 175 (left when facing) Sink Faucet
1ST Floor Classroom 179 (Home Ec) Sink (left when facing) Faucet 1
1ST Floor Classroom 181 (Reading Room) Sink Faucet
Nurses Sink Faucet (right when facing)
Inside Cafeteria (near exit door to parking lot) Water Cooler Fountain
Kitchen Double Sink Faucet 1 (left when facing)

Tappan Zee High School
Nurse’s Office Recovery Room (without Curtain) Sink Faucet
Room 701 (Assistant Principal’s Office) Sink Faucet
Classroom 951 (Music Room) Sink Faucet (Left When Facing)
Classroom 118 (Art Room) Triple Sink- Faucet 1 (left when facing)
Classroom 118 (Art Room) Triple Sink- Faucet 3 (right when facing)
Fieldhouse/Snack bar (by Football Field) Single Sink (closest to entrance door) Faucet
Fieldhouse/Snack bar (by Football Field) Single Sink (farthest from entrance door) Faucet

Palisades School
North Kitchen (Room 11/stove) – Small White Sink Faucet

Tappan Zee Education Center
Kitchen Double Sink (right when facing) Faucet #2
Kitchen Triple Sink (Left when Facing) Faucet #1
Kitchen Triple Sink (Middle) Faucet #2
Kitchen Triple Sink (Right when facing) Faucet #3
Hallway Outside Boiler Room Bubbler Water Fountain
Custodial Closet by across from Room 115 — Slop Sink
Hallway Outside Room 209 Bubbler Water Fountain
Hallway Outside Room 204 Men’s Bubbler Water Fountain
Classroom 204 Sink Fountain
Classroom 304 Sink Fountain
Classroom 306 Bathroom Sink Faucet
Classroom 308 Sink Faucet
Classroom 313 Faucet

The above outlets have been taken out to service upon receipt of laboratory results. Once corrective actions are completed, they will be resampled. Remediation actions will include replacement of aerators or certain faucets, full replacement of water fountains to include built-in filtration and in some cases re-piping.

No outlet will be put back into service for cooking or drinking until the lead concentration falls below 15 ppb.

A complete list of sample results taken at each building, as well as any remediation plans are posted on the District website at

Should you have any questions, please contact me directly at or cal the Safety, Security and Compliance Office at (845) 680-1803.


John Gulino
Director of Safety, Security and Compliance