South Orangetown Central School District

Seventh-grade students in Kerry Beckmann’s technology class teamed up with Beth Doremus’ COVE students on an a fall-themed Halloween recycling project yesterday. “My technology class used hand tools to break down a pallet that would have been thrown away so that we could reuse the wood. The CNC laser cutter was used to shape some of the pieces for assembly. Our art teachers will have their classes help out with painting during an additional period, which will double the social interaction time,” said Beckmann.

“We’ve been talking about fall weather and holidays, and this collaboration not only provides a great opportunity to socialize with middle school peers, it’s also a fun way to learn how to use hand tools and build fine motor skills–things we don’t normally do in our class,” Doremus noted.

The Community Occupational Vocation Education (COVE) program is offered in collaboration with Rockland BOCES and serves students who benefit from a functional academic program with an emphasis on job skill development and life skills. Both South Orangetown Middle School and Tappan Zee High School host COVE classes.

SOMS students collaborating on tech project