South Orangetown Central School District

TZHS students enrolled in business teacher Darrell Flynn’s Entertainment & Sports Marketing course are getting an all-access pass for career exploration!

This afternoon, Flynn’s students attended a Sports Career Consulting’s Creative Design and Brand Marketing Workshop as part of a unique, virtual field trip experience — gaining valuable insight from entertainment and sports marketing pros.

At the conclusion of the presentation, students were introduced to a project centered on developing their own brand strategy — which will then be submitted and judged by industry experts and workshop speakers Jason Badden and Justin Taylor, who work closely with top sports brands.

Following up with class discussion, Flynn asked students what they took away from the workshop. Students referenced learning about the creative design process from start to finish and getting an exclusive look at how top sports brands function as a whole to be valuable tools.

“Participating in this workshop provided students with an abundance of information about the sports and entertainment industries,” said Flynn. “They’ve gotten an in-depth, insider’s look at career opportunities, education requirements, and what it’s like to work in the marketing world specific to sports and entertainment.”

The hands-on, interactive workshop explored the crucial role that marketing plays in the sports and entertainment fields — the main focus of Flynn’s year-long course. Offered to all TZHS students in grades 9-12, Entertainment & Sports Marketing targets major principles such as the marketing mix, marketing functions, consumer behavior, market research, market segmentation, advertising/promotion, financing and management. Principles are studied and applied to the dynamic and rapidly-growing sports and entertainment industries. Additionally, students investigate the resources necessary to establish and operate a sports/entertainment business through individual and group projects.

Students watch virtual speakers