South Orangetown Central School District

Tappan Zee High School’s Società Onoraría Italíca Dante Alígherí chapter inducted 41 new members and recognized returning second- and third-year members at its November 16 ceremony. “We are so happy that we were able to celebrate our students’ hard work and dedication to language learning in person!” said honor society co-advisor and World Language Team Leader Maria Bruno.

“We are grateful for their enthusiasm and for the support of their families and the TZHS and SOCSD administration,” added co-advisor and World Language teacher Vittoria Conway.

The Italian Honor Society is a national organization whose goals are to recognize students who have achieved excellence in the study of the Italian language and to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of the Italian culture and civilization. To be eligible for membership, students must meet the established academic and service requirements to maintain membership.

Congratulations to:

New Inductees: Frank Ambrose, Asia Aponte, Logan Atlas, Brayden Atlas, Marisa Barikyan, Gabriella Caltagirone, Allison Carrera Flores, Daniel Chiang, Jillian Clancy, Patrick Costello, Molly Culot, Olivia Dell’Accio, Vanesa Diaz, Sara Dodaj, Nicholas D’Orio, Sophia Dubiel, Jenna Fassbender, Jack Finn, Benjamin Fishel, Ashley Fitzpatrick, Thomas Gregory, Griffin Heatley, Sophia Holmes, Isabella Kensicki, Jack Kryger, Lily Logerfo, Michael Lynch, Nicole Michel, Ava Natelli, Jahna Natelli, Kate Olson, Katherine O’Neill, Megan O’Prey, Kylee Orecchio, Daniel Pagels, Jack Pernick, Julia Piccione, Ian Raines, Jason Reilly, Sarah Kate Ryan and Ryan Shalvey

Second Year Members: Panagiota Alatsas, Max Alves, Layla Barber, Claire Berkowitz, Nicholas Bono, Philip Bray, Nicholas Burns, Dylan Canter, Mariel Caulfield, Ethan Chen, Megan Clancy, James Cuccia, Owen Dell’Accio, Sofia DeStefano, Christopher Godinez, Nicholas Grippi, Jordan Harris, Jack Haughey, Kate Haughey, Ariana Kupi, Tessa Lanni, Jessica Loch, Kailey Lynskey, Aine Malora, Holly March, Charles Santoro, Carly Sardo, Olivia Supaswud, Samantha Talone, Karen Tejada, Olivia Temple, Daniel Thomas, Fiona Treanor, Sean Twohig and Esther Tyler

Third Year members: Emily Ambrose, Alexandra Bastedo, Eden Blanker, Melanie Boiano, Kristen Breen, Endy Carrera Flores, Marisa Fitzpatrick, Shannen Gotay, Elena Hanley, Carly Jefferson, Sofia Kallivokas, Elysia Leigh, Kellie Linehan, Tia Marar, Julia Milliet Sciorra, Ciarstan O’Connor, Hannah Preble, Monica Rivera, Jamie Stahl and Ang Tanksley

Italian Honor Society induction