South Orangetown Central School District

Tappan Zee High School students Daniela P. and Marisa B. are among the seven winners in the Sports Career Consulting Creative Design Event Competition! Following their Creative Design and Brand Marketing virtual field trip in October, students in business teacher Darrell Flynn’s Entertainment & Sports Marketing class were tasked with developing their own branding strategy for an athlete of their choice to submit as an entry into the competition. Nearly 70 entries were submitted from schools representing eight different states across the country including Washington, Texas, Illinois, Florida, New York, Michigan, Virginia and Montana.

With Nyack-based professional lacrosse and football athlete J.T. Giles Harris as their chosen athlete, Daniela and Marisa developed a brand image, logo and marketing strategy centered on success, talent and quality — key elements of Harris’ character on and off the field. The marketing strategy focused on the creation of branded athleisure apparel ranging from hoodies, to sweatpants, to socks.

“We worked together to brainstorm logos that were simple, yet eye-catching, which is something we noted from the industry professionals who presented during the virtual field trip we attended,” explained Daniela. “Once we finalized the logo, we wanted to incorporate it onto comfortable clothing that would appeal to everyone, not just athletes.”

“Industry professionals analyzed how their brands make consumers feel, which is something we wanted to be sure to incorporate,” added Marisa. “We want customers to feel strong and confident when they come in contact with our brand.”

Congratulations, Daniela and Marisa!

TZHS student contest winners