South Orangetown Central School District

South Orangetown Middle School students have spent the months leading up to December participating in an array of activities centered on celebrating French culture – with the help of French teacher and French Club advisor Marie-Laure Spatz!

Throughout the month of November, members of the French Club mastered the art of crêpe-making, designed and shared posters of famous French inventors school-wide and participated in a lesson about the history of French in Louisiana – learning Cajun dances ranging from the two-step, to the Jitterbug, to the waltz.

Students enrolled in Spatz’s French World Language course explored French culture through an array of diverse units – each building upon their comprehension of the French language. As they kicked off their sports unit, eighth-graders played ‘pétanque,’ – a traditional French game played outdoors. Seventh-graders learned about the history of famous French symbols such as the origins of the croissant and the French striped shirt, and launched into a lesson on the Eiffel Tower. Sixth-graders kicked off their French studies as they learned about French inventor Louis Braille and his development of a language for the blind – spelling out their names in Braille with chalk.

French Club members most recently launched into lessons about Christmas traditions and celebrations with activities that aim to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of French culture. Club members viewed the lighting of the famous Champs Elysées and learned about the bûche de Noël – a traditional Christmas dessert.

“French Club and the French language course really create a community where you can build new friendships and meet new people,” said club member Elise K. “The games and activities we participate in are fun and I have the opportunity to learn things I didn’t know before about French culture and history.”

Participation and enrollment in the SOMS French Club and French as a World Language course fosters an appreciation of French culture – providing students with the opportunity to participate in a variety of hands-on activities.

French students at SOMS