South Orangetown Central School District

Tappan Zee High School students and staff hosted an elective fair during lunch periods yesterday to promote the school’s extensive elective offerings as the 2022-23 course scheduling process gets underway.

“We are so excited to host our first-ever Elective Fair!” said Assistant Principal Melissa Luciano. “This is an opportunity for our students to explore the electives that are available to them and promotes student outreach, participation and excitement about stepping outside of their comfort zone and potentially exploring a new elective that can add variety to their academic experience at TZHS.”

Moving from table to table, students explored courses spanning art, music, business, technology/engineering, computer science and core subjects, and discussed course descriptions, requirements and benefits with current students and faculty.

In the months ahead, high school students will participate in conversations with their teachers and counselors regarding course recommendations for the upcoming school year based upon their performance in that subject area and the requirements of the next course. Teachers may also additionally discuss opportunities for further study within their department through participation in electives. Once their recommendations are submitted, students will meet with their school counselors to finalize and review their courses, discuss their progress, plan for the upcoming year and explore post-graduate goal-setting.

Students hosting and attending TZHS elective fair