South Orangetown Central School District

In the District’s ongoing efforts to promote and safeguard the health of our students, vape detectors have been installed at both South Orangetown Middle School and Tappan Zee High School–as national statistics demonstrate that vaping remains a significant problem for secondary students.

In preparation for the detectors to go live on Wednesday, February 9, teams from both schools have been trained on the detectors and alarm response and “Do Not Smoke and/or Vape” signage has been placed in strategic areas on each campus as a deterrent.

It is our District’s intention to use this equipment as a tool to identify and deter vaping and other smoking-related activities in our schools, creating a safer school environment for all. Any student caught vaping on school grounds will be subject to disciplinary measures in accordance with the District’s code of conduct and will be referred to their School Prevention Counselor.

Please know that educating our students about the possible health-risks associated with substance use (to include vaping) is an integral part of our New York State Health curriculum. In addition, our School Prevention Counselors actively address possible risks to students and take actions to keep students safe in “real-time,” in alliance with other staff and students.

We also recognize that some students may be engaged in dangerous behaviors that have become habitual. If you believe that your child needs help to stop vaping, please reach out to our School Prevention Counselors, Bobbie-Angela Wong (SOMS) or Annmarie Scott (TZHS).

For more information on the vape detectors, as well as our District plan for enforcement and education, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.