South Orangetown Central School District

William O. Schaefer Elementary School students are excited to be working on a collaborative art project tied to “Where the Mountain Meets the Moon”–this year’s featured Pick a Reading Partner book.

 Students at each grade level are creating a “scale” with designs inspired by Asian art which will be assembled to create the body of a dragon. “We have been talking about the different influences of art in China, such as the use of the colors red and gold and symbols like dragons and lanterns. The goal is to not only teach them basic drawing skills, but to make connections with different cultures and the world around them. They can’t wait to see the dragon come together,” said WOS Art teacher Elizabeth Piteo. Once complete, the dragon will be on display near the main entrance.

 In reflecting on Youth Art Month and the importance of art education, Piteo noted, “I want to inspire them to think creatively and have them problem solve, make mistakes, and build their confidence. I became an art teacher because I always felt comfortable and safe in my art classes because there is no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ art. Kids can be hard on themselves and I want to teach them that it’s about creativity and not about being the best artist.”

WOS students create scales for dragon display