South Orangetown Central School District

South Orangetown Middle School math teachers spent Friday’s Superintendent’s Conference Half-Day engaged in a series of hands-on demonstrations as part of a process to select a new textbook/curriculum platform. The department is reviewing options for sixth grade, seventh grade, seventh grade accelerated, eighth grade and algebra courses.

“We are integrating New York State Next Generation Math Standards at all grade levels, so we’re looking for a resource that has adapted to this curriculum,” explained SOMS Math Department Team Leader Vincent Piscitelli.

In addition to alignment with Next Generation Math Standards, key criteria teachers are looking for include online resources (video/audio, activities), printable resources, grade-level vocabulary, availability in Spanish and fair, but challenging, assessments.

“Math textbooks have evolved since the infancy of Common Core standards,” Instructional Math Coach (6-12) and Tappan Zee High School Math Department Team Leader Marisa Premus said. “Now, with the Next Generation standards, textbooks have expanded to include digital platforms and resources that present mathematical ideas through hands-on, engaging activities for students to explore. The latest textbooks promote learning through idea-sharing and problem-solving to build on students’ conceptual understanding so that they have the skills to solve any situation.”

The team will reconvene in the weeks ahead to discuss options. Once a selection is made, it will be presented to the District’s Curriculum Council and professional development will be scheduled for teachers in preparation for roll out.

SOMS math teachers participating in Zoom demo