South Orangetown Central School District

The South Orangetown Middle School Art Department is celebrating Youth Art Month with a student art show! Each March, Art teachers Allison Meyers and Tatiana DiPierno organize a traditional exhibit of student work in the main lobby in honor of Youth Art Month. This annual event recognizes the importance of the visual arts experience, exemplifies the skills developed through the arts and provides an opportunity to showcase student-created pieces.

“This exhibition gives us, as art educators, the perfect opportunity to step back and appreciate the talent, ability, and dedication of our SOMS artists,” noted Meyers.

DiPierno agreed. “Art holds the power to enrich our lives socially, emotionally, and intellectually. The beauty of this art exhibit is that it offers a wide range of benefits for the creator and for viewers alike,” she said.

Art education at SOMS follows the New York State Education Department Learning Standards for Art, which are built upon the artistic processes of creating, performing/presenting/producing, responding and connecting. In sixth grade, students study the concepts of color, scale and proportion and work on basic drawing skills and ceramics. Seventh-graders continue developing their technical skills and are encouraged to use creative self-expression in their work. Eighth-grade students have the option to continue with the middle school art course or apply to take Studio in Art, a high school-level foundation course.

To learn more about the Art program at SOMS, view the Program of Studies at

In addition to the art shows at each of our schools, Meyers created a virtual K-12 art slideshow to showcase all of the incredible work from our students! Visit:

SOMS Student Art Show