South Orangetown Central School District

Cottage Lane Elementary School fifth-graders are learning about perspective drawing! Students in Art teacher Tiffany DiVenere’s classes are creating landscapes with a vanishing point to create depth in their drawings. Students will continue to build upon this fundamental skill through the visual arts coursework in middle school. 

 DiVenere encourages students to be creative when picking the theme and design of their drawing. For the project, interpretation of “landscape” has included traditional scenes, as well as a basketball court, a birds-eye view of the world and fantasy settings. To add depth to their drawings, the artists are considering light and learning to use shading techniques. 

“Art education is vital to students’ learning,” says DiVenere. “It facilitates the development of creative thinking and problem-solving skills across the curriculum, builds self-confidence, and fosters tolerance in addition to allowing students to express themselves.  Art education supports students’ well-being as it gives them a different perspective into the world while accessing information and ideas that might otherwise be unavailable to them.” 

Thank you to our talented Art faculty and students for sharing your work with our community during Youth Art Month! Click here for a virtual presentation of K-12 art: 

CLE Art Class