South Orangetown Central School District

School Health

The health, safety and wellness of our students is a priority of the South Orangetown Central School District. Following are required forms and helpful resources for families.

IMPORTANT: Click to view information regarding changes to New York State School Vaccine requirements for the 2019-20 school year.

Head Lice Management
Head lice are a troublesome, contagious problem that is common in schools. While it is typical for at least a few cases of head lice to appear at the start of school, head lice cases can be found year-round.

One of the most frustrating things about head lice is that it can spread easily and quickly through head-to-head or hand-to head contact with an infested person. This happens through direct contact or through sharing of personal items, such as hats, brushes, any head gear such as batting/riding helmets, etc. Head lice may be contracted any place where children interact. Schools, camps and sleepovers may be places to transmit lice, since children are playing so closely together.

To assist all students and their families when there is an incident of head lice, our District has adopted a protocol to manage this problem. Under this protocol, a child who is found to have head lice will be sent home for treatment. Once the child has been treated, he/she may return to school.

The purpose of this protocol is to help prevent the spread of head lice. Even one louse can transmit head lice from one child to another. Therefore, it is extremely important that parents are vigilant in treating children with head lice and removing the eggs (nits). We want to contain the problem before it becomes widespread. So, we ask parents to:

  • GET TOUGH – treat the head
  • GET PICKY – remove head lice and nits
  • BE ON GUARD – every week, take a peek

Please feel free to call your school nurse for assistance.

View the district’s Wellness Policy

Social Worker: Jessenia Cursio | (845) 680-1134
Social Worker: Jessica Inglis | (845) 680-1028

School Nurse: Riva Fisher, RN | (845) 680-1304
School Psychologist: Brian Galvin| (845) 680-1324
School Psychologist: Kaitlin McSwiggan, Psy.D. | (845) 680-1368

School Nurse: Karen Fitzgibbons, RN | (845) 680-1508
School Psychologist: Linda King | (845) 680-1554
School Psychologist: Sean Jones | (845) 680-1545

School Nurse: Maggie Keane, RN | (845) 680-1130
School Psychologist: Courtney Malka | (845) 680-1112
School Psychologist: Stephen Sawitsky | (845) 680-1019

School Nurse: Patricia Shalvey, RN | (845) 680-1647
School Psychologist: Katelin Burns | (845) 680-1613
School Psychologist: Beth Jaret | (845) 680-1610

If your child is in crisis or requires immediate assistance, call 911.

Mental Health Services
Rockland Paramedic Services Behavioral Health Response Team (24/7 mental health outreach services) | (845) 517-0400
Mental Health Association of Rockland County | (845) 267-2172

Domestic Violence
The Center for Safety & Change 24-Hour Hotline | (845) 634-3344

Talking With Children About Violence: Tips for Parents & Teachers
United Hospice of Rockland, Bereavement Services | (845) 634-4974

Substance Use/Addiction
CANDLE (Community Awareness Network for a Drug-Free Life & Environment) @ TZHS
 Jim Andrews, MS or Lois Ross, LMSW | (845) 680-1683

Additional resources are posted on the Rockland County website.

South Orangetown students may access mental health services directly by reaching out to any school staff member. Please contact your child’s principal with any questions or concerns.